Good luck to the new AIROYoung board!

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Since February 2021 until a few days ago, it has been an honor to serve the AIROYoung community as a joint coordinator and do it with Michele Barbato, Veronica Dal Sasso, Serena Fugaro, Giusy Macrina, and Lorenzo Peirano as a team.

We tried to do our best following the path traced by the previous board, which comprised Lavinia Amorosi, Martina Fischetti, and Valentina Morandi. We hope to have contributed to making AIROYoung grow more and more, and to have given at least something back to the community for everything it has allowed us to do and be.

We know the new board will do the same by doing its way. Good luck and best wishes for their mandate to Matteo Cosmi, Martina Doneda, Alessandro Druetto, Andrea Mancuso, Sara Stoia, and Marta Leonina Tessitore!