Revealing a less traveled road

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The Italian translation of teaching is “insegnare,” which comes from the Latin “in+signāre,” namely, “to leave a mark.” The memory of our first contact with O.R. is a mark that we all are passionate about and share. Sometimes it can be love at first sight, but sometimes it does take longer to find the passion.” –

How did you discover Operations Research?

Anand Subramanian and I put together many of the stories of different guests of Anand’s s.t. podcast series. While some of them saw the “light” for the first time right away when taking OR classes during their undergrad, others took, say, “nonlinear” paths. Regardless of the path, all of them have one thing in common: the passion for problem solving!

Our column is available here.

A big thanks to Anand for this nice opportunity to explore different stories and assess that there is not a same path leading us all in the marvelous world of Operations Research. Indeed, there are plenty of roads still to discover and to tell, leaving, hopefully, a mark… Also, thanks to Kara Tucker for her editorial support.