ROAR at Cernusco sul Naviglio

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At the beginning of February 2023, Alessandro Gobbi, Gabriella Colajanni, and I started a training course at the ITSOS Marie Curie Higher Secondary Education Institute in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan, Italy).

A dozen mathematics and informatics teachers of the Institute attended the course, which is based on the materials of the first two teaching units of ROAR.

In particular, the course is composed of the following five meetings:

1) February 02: “Introduction to operations research, optimization, and Linear Programming, and resolution of two-variable Linear Programming problems” by Alessandro Gobbi;

2) February 10: “Introduction to Integer Linear Programming and Mixed Integer Linear Programming, and solving optimization problems with more than two variables with Solver, a Microsoft Excel add-on”, by Gabriella Colajanni;

3) February 21: “Introduction to graph theory: application to social networks and network optimization problems” by myself;

4) 06 March: “The birth of graph theory: the problem of the seven bridges of Königsberg” by myself;

5) 30 May: report of activities carried out in class by the teachers.