Start of ROAR III

1 minute read


Today we started the implementation of the third and last teaching unit of ROAR in the now Grade-12 class at IIS Antonietti in Iseo, Brescia. This unit is dedicated to the learning of Python and the PuLP library in order to implement and solve optimization problems. Overall, we are going to hold six lectures, the last one in January 2023.

For today only, we exploited Google Colab to review some programming notions that students already know, and to present the basic instructions we need to import from PuLP. In the next meetings, we will recover some of the exercises students had already modelled during ROAR I and ROAR II, in order for them to become more familiar with Python. Then, we will assign the students with new problems, to be solved from zero, i.e., from the model formulation to the interpretation of the results got through PuLP. As final project, we will try to tackle a real industrial problem proposed by one of students’ parents. Similarly to the previous years, students will work in groups. However, this time they are going to do it in a cooperative and collaborative way, not competing with each other.